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Upload your selfie and let our AI technology transform you into a radiant, glowing version of yourself in various poses and hairstyles within an hour.

1,052,120 AI photos created

1,052,120 AI photos created ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Want a Korean-style studio photoshoot without leaving your home?

With K-Beauty from Rupa.AI, transform your selfies into a Korean-style photoshoot. This isn’t just a filter or simple photo editing, you can see your transformation in various makeup styles, poses, and hairstyles instantly.

Experience what it’s like to have a professional photoshoot with a personal photographer and makeup artist, just by uploading your photo.

How it works

Here's how

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Start with the Basic package to get 50+ photos in Korean makeup and hairstyle styles, or choose the Premium package to get 120+ photos in various styles and models.

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At Rupa.AI, you can make payments using various methods, including Stripe. Contact Rupa.AI customer service if you need assistance.

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After payment, use the link we send via email to upload 10 of your selfies. Remember, K-Beauty is designed for one person per order, so please upload only 10 of your selfies. And don’t worry, the photos you upload will be deleted from our server within 72 hours.

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The process of rendering your K-Beauty AI photos will take about 1 hour. Once completed, you will receive a special link to view and download all photos in zip format.

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If you feel the results are less than satisfying, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you choose photos to produce the best AI photo results for your next order.

K-Beauty Example

See the Results


Choose Your Package

Start your K-Beauty photoshoot session with AI technology to see yourself in various Korean makeup and hairstyle styles starting from $7.99.


Discover your look in
various new poses and
Korean hairstyle styles.

US $19.99

US $7.99


See your AI photo version
in more style choices with
the K-Beauty premium


US $29.99

US $14.99


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Frequently Asked

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K-Beauty is the latest product from Rupa.AI that uses AI technology to transform your selfie into a Korean-style photoshoot. You just need to upload 10 selfies and K-Beauty will transform them into more than 50 photos in Korean makeup and hairstyle styles within an hour.

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You should upload at least 10 selfies that clearly show your face from various angles. This is necessary so that our AI can learn the shape of your face and depict it in various Korean makeup and hairstyle styles. You don’t need to worry about the photos you upload because our server will delete them within 72 hours after you receive your K-Beauty photos.

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Yes, the results from K-Beauty are designed to resemble you in Korean makeup and hairstyle styles. Our technology is still being developed, so maybe not all of the 50 photos you receive will look alike, but to see an example of a photo result from K-Beauty, you can check the photo below:

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The time it takes to receive your K-Beauty photos is about 1 hour. This is because our server needs to process to create the AI model and render more than 50 of your photos in various styles.

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The process of training data and rendering photos using AI requires high computation from our server, if there are similar services or apps that sell at a price below what K-Beauty offers or even for free, you should be careful because the photos or personal data uploaded and inside the free app could be used by the app provider for commercial purposes. In addition, the quality of the photo results may not be as good as K-Beauty because the technology used in K-Beauty is continuously developed and improved.

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Unfortunately, because the process of training the AI model and rendering to create your K-Beauty photos uses a large amount of computing resources from the server, we cannot provide a refund. But, you can contact our customer service and we will help to choose photos to produce the best AI photo results for your next order.

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Yes, your privacy is very important to us. The photos you upload will be deleted within 72 hours after the results are sent to your email, and we ensure your personal data will not be sold to third parties. For more details, please check the Terms and Services

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Please choose the package you are interested in and complete your order on the checkout page. After checkout, you will be directed to the photo upload form where you need to upload 10 selfies and wait about 1 hour for our AI to learn the photos and render the photos into cool Korean-style studio photos.

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K-Beauty works with Stripe for the payment system and the payment options are quite diverse from credit/debit cards to various other options.

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The payment you make at Rupa.AI is only for the specific product that you choose. Each of our products has different prices and features, and payment is required for each individual product. So, if you want to use more than one product, you will need to make separate payments for each product you desire.

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